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Joint membership NLHS and National Trust for Canada


The NLHS offers a joint membership with National Trust for Canada.

National Trust for Canada’s regular membership fee is $40 +HST. If you combine it with an NHS membership, it is $28 + HST. Family memberships are regularly $70 +HST - with the NHS joint membership, $49 +HST.

A National Trust for Canada membership card will give you free entry into Canadian and American national historic sites, and British National Trust historic sites, a cost-saving bonus which is far greater than the membership fee.

 National Trust for Canada discount information here

When you pay your NLHS membership, please obtain the National Trust for Canada code from the NHS Office Manager. Then contact National Trust for Canada and cite the code to get the discount.

National Trust for Canada’s contact information:

National Trust for Canada
190 Bronson Ave.
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6H4
fax (613-237-5987), or toll free: 1-866-964-1066.