Newfoundland Historical Society. Board Committees

  1. Office Committee: Uli Brown, Chair. Members: Paul Dunne
  2. Finance: Corey Button, Uli Brown, Paul Dunne
  3. Membership: David Lough, Chair. Member: Vicki Hallett
  4. Programme: Heidi Coombs-Thorne, Chair. Members: Terry Bishop-Stirling, Fred Smith, Anne Budgell
  5. Includes:
    a. Lecture Series (runs September to November, January to April)
    b. proposed WWI Symposium
    c. proposed Resettlement Symposium

  6. Publications:
  7. a. Book Publications: Jeff Webb,
    b. Aspects: Terry Bishop-Stirling, Jeff Webb.
    d. NHS Website: Allan Byrne, Web Manager, Paul Dunne, Michael Westcott

  8. Heritage Award Committee: Allan Byrne, Fred Smith
  9. AHI: Allan Byrne, NHS representative to AHI Board
  10. Nominating committee: Past President Allan Byrne

November 2017